The Kids Dive In

IMG_4018Today was our children’s first day attending Rey De Reyes, a Peruvian Christian school here in Arequipa. We are so grateful for the ongoing prayer for our children and our family as God prepares us for His purposes. God’s help and peace are as evident as daily bread.  Here is a recap of the day in our kids’ own words…


“We went to Peruvian school. I drew a picture while the other students wrote in Peruvian. In the next thing the other students wrote a paper and I watched. Then we went to recess. My friend gave me a tour of the school. They gave me two pieces of gum and three marbles. They also got me ice cream. Then we had English. I did it easily. Then it was time for P.E. In P.E. we juggled soccer balls. Then we did more English. After that, we had another recess, and I had to go. Last, I got ice cream, because I did so good. It was a fun day.”


“On our first day of school I had to write in cursive, and I did not even know it yet. I did multiplication. It’s a good thing that I learned it before school. We watched Samson. Then the other students did some kind of dance while I played on the swings. And one of my friends gave me candy. Then I worked for a little bit. Then the principal came to get us. For a treat, Mommy and Daddy took us out for ice cream.”


“What I did is I was playing at recess. We made puppets and we glued them. We had lunch. We were talking to each other. We talked about closing your mouth when you are eating. I was talking with [my friend]. We went to the bathroom. And that’s all. I loved it! And one more thing that was very good-I said “okay” a lot of times to the teacher.”

We the parents have begun meeting with some Spanish tutors and will formally begin our language training on Monday!