Victorious Grace Gifts

Remembering those in heaven and still on earth whose lives serve as testimonies of God's victory by His grace

Victorious Grace Gifts are gifts dedicated in honor or in memory of others. Include a dedication with your donation and it will be posted on this page. Victorious Grace Gifts have been received to Victoria’s Fund dedicated to the following:

Karen L Peiffer (1942-2023)

Victoria’s grandmother, who courageously spoke at Victoria’s service of her thankfulness that she was born and that she could hold her granddaughter; and when she herself faced her final chapter, she exhibited childlike faith in the midst of insecurity, with the sure and certain hope of seeing Jesus and again holding Victoria. In her passing, Memaw has blessed other children through gifts made to Victoria’s Little Lambs Fund in her honor.

Mary Ellen Thyen (1945-2023)

A gift of thanksgiving for our dear neighbor, who with her husband, David, shared neighborly kindnesses and thoughtfulness with our family in our Indiana years. Even as Mary Ellen faced the valleys, their faith, perseverance, and hope moved toward Life. We will always be grateful for their prayers for our move to PA and Kristin’s parents even as we have prayed for them.

Rev John Hobbs, Jr (March 11, 2022; 80 years old)

A gift in memory of a man whose love for the Father, friendship with Jesus, and Spirit-led teaching have inspired and encouraged us to walk in God’s victory by His grace all the way back to the House. John loved others by name, including Victoria.

Jo-anne Holleran (1959-2021)

A gift in gratitude for a dear friend who has shown our family the preparedness of “being there” by always wearing kindness and truth (Proverbs 3:3) through life’s seasons and circumstances, even when unexpected. Her preparation identified Victoria’s Little Lambs Fund for memorial gifts.

David Cobb (1950-2020)

A gift in honor of an always-present uncle, who was already at the hospital to meet us (with Aunt Sandy) the early morning in 2008 when we arrived for Victoria’s birth. Victoria in turn was already in His presence when Uncle Dave arrived.

David Queen (1952-2020)

A gift in honor of a man truly after God’s own heart, listening to his heart and courageously, unapologetically sharing His Word at all the right moments.

Moriah Keeper McAfee (February 26, 2017)

A gift in honor of Moriah’s treasured life, which exemplifies the love of her Heavenly Father, her faithful parents, brother and sister.

Baby Miracle Mitchell (April 29-May 6, 2016)

A gift in honor of Miracle’s beloved life, both on earth and now in God’s presence, and of her mother and family that call her blessed.

Uncle Larry (1947-2016) and Aunt Mary Kay Coté (1946-2023)

A memorial for an accomplished academic whose greatest learning came from his great niece, Victoria; and for his wife, also a PhD professionally, who personally and humbly loved our family as her own. Together Victoria’s great uncle and aunt have left a legacy of blessing through their inheritance to help children around the world through Victoria’s Little Lambs Fund.

Peggie Lauber Miller (1930-1916)

A gift in admiration of a servant who lived life set apart to honor the holiness of our God.

The Staff of ABC Español, Arequipa, Peru

A gift in appreciation for these teachers who daily equip missionaries so that they can go throughout Peru and beyond to share the hope of God’s victory by His grace “en Español”…Victoria’s parents are grateful to be among those equipped in this special community.

Domingo De La Cruz (March 23, 2015)

A gift expressing deep gratitude to God for the 38 years on earth for this servant, whose deep humility, kind heart, and great love for Jesus and his own Huichol people testify to the hope we cling to for God’s victory by His grace among the Huichol community in Mexico. Domingo established the ministry of Victoria’s Little Lambs Fund in the remote mountain village of Guadalupe Ocotan, Mexico.

Baby Christopher Carmien (November 22, 2013)

A gift to honor his life in the womb and now with the Lord, and for his parents for their courage to hope against hope for God’s victory by His grace.

Baby Samuel Coté (April 2004)

We always remember with faith our first child who we have entrusted into the Lord’s presence while still holding out hope for Samuel and for our family.

Blake Fulmer (November 2014)

A gift to honor our unborn grandson.

Adam Orlich (August 4, 2014)

Adam’s life is now bringing glory to God in His presence while serving on earth as a testimony of His love. By joining his memorial fund with Victoria’s Fund, Adam’s family desires to see his life help other children who are sick.

Talitha kum Victorious McElhany

Held and loved dearly in the hearts of the McElhany family. Though they never met her; they pray she is cherished in the arms of her birth mother.

Mary Emily Meyer (1916-2012)

Victoria’s Great-Nana, whose memorial contributions have been received into the ministry in memory of her great-granddaughter.