Victoria’s Servant Song

Victoria Grace Coté
By Christa McCardell (now Aunt Christa Coté)

O daughter of Mine,
Whose image you bear,
You are flawless, perfect, created in My care.
For chosen was the womb in which you were carried;
Chosen were the fatherly arms that have embraced your life.
I have formed you precious one
For a destiny and a purpose that is yours alone.

O daughter of Mine,
I am the Author of your story,
Your life is for the glory of My name.
Your very breath is worship to Me;
Your heartbeat is the song of My heart.
To all who know of you, I will call honored,
And to all who are touched by your life, I will call blessed.

O daughter of Mine,
Whose legacy you leave
Will speak to generations to come
Of the love of a heavenly Father who offers the Victory:
The victory of life, through the saving power of My everlasting­grace. Victoria, you show the world a glimpse of My face.

O precious daughter of Mine, Come.
Spend eternity with me.
I am your sovereign God, the Giver of life, your heavenly Father,
And in my arms I’ll carry you home.
“For as the Father has loved me, I also have loved you;
Now abide in my love.”
John 15:9