In Peru!

Greetings from Arequipa, Peru! We arrived in Lima on September 8 after a great week of visiting friends and family on the way to and in Florida. Once in Lima we had an opportunity to meet friends from Kids Alive as well as begin the process for our visas. After a few very productive and peaceful days in Lima, we traveled on September 11 to Arequipa, where we will attend language school and the children a Peruvian Christian school. The logistics of our travel and luggage have been very smooth. We have moved into an apartment and are setting up our next home for 5-6 months. Within the first 24 hours of our time in Arequipa, we experienced a very enthusiastic and warm welcome from the community of students and teachers at the language school. Mark’s birthday was the 10th, and Kristin’s was the 12th, so the school had a birthday cake and ice cream reception for us upon our arrival at the school! We were also invited to a time of prayer and worship that evening hosted by one of the family’s. Our children immediately connected with theirs, and we found ourselves greatly encouraged by the time of fellowship in the midst of such a major transition. We marvel at how well the children are doing. This coming week they will visit and begin attending their school. We are all enjoying this process of settling into a focused time of language and cultural acquisition. Throughout it all, we continue to find God’s grace to be very real moment by moment, and we are very grateful for all of your love and prayers!

Fun Fact: If all stays on schedule, then we will have celebrated one round of birthdays in our family all in different locations!

Rachel – July 6 in Union Mills, NC

Jacob – September 2 in Florida

Mark – September 10 in Lima

Kristin – September 12 in Arequipa

Caleb – April 19 in Pucallpa