Homeward Bound: Our Anchor and Aim

a7QkkvUvQiSxxRpCo8zM5wHomeward means both anchor and aim

Bound from a base and for a destiny

Homeward means anchor

Bound from beneath and for above


Homeward means aim

Bound from beside and for beyond


Homeward means hope

Bound from seen and for unseenIMG_5352


Homeward means kingdom come

Bound from already and for not yet


Homeward means restoration

Bound from heaven and for earth


Homeward means calling

Bound from well-being and for well-doing


IMG_5135Homeward means mission

Bound from standing and for stooping


Homeward means wholeness

Bound from repentance and for renewal


Homeward means identity

Bound from individual and for collective


Homeward means meekness

Bound from hearing and for obeyingIMG_4918


Homeward means movement

Bound from redemption and for resurrection


Homeward means cultivation

Bound from place and for space


Homeward means family

Bound from the blood and for all nations


Homeward means place

Bound from rootedness and for fruitfulness


Homeward means spaceIMG_5082

Bound from transcendent and for presence


Homeward means hospitality

Bound from embrace and for outreach


Homeward means Shalom

Bound from creation and for new creation



Homeward means known

Bound from personal and for together


Homeward means adventure

Bound from vision and for mission


Homeward means community

Bound from gathering and for going


Homeward means victory

Bound from belonging and for beauty


IMG_5206Homeward means grace

Bound from goodness and for true greatness


Homeward means celebration

Bound from joy and for play


Homeward means love

Bound from Him and for Him,


Mark, Kristin, Caleb, Jacob, and Rachel Coté

Regional Director, Latin America



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