OUR Job Description–Part 1

After a period of adjustment, exploration, and confirmation, we are ready to share our defined roles andIMG_0847
responsibilities as Missionaries of Discipleship and Development with Kids Alive International. A new video featuring the ministry of our family here in Peru will provide an  overview of our job in Part 2. For Part 1, we have approached many of our partners for input as to why, how, or what compelled them to partner with our family. Completely based on their feedback, we have synthesized a statement of being and doing for our family, “a job description” entrusted to us by those sending us.


The input we have received has been overwhelming in its encouragement and evidence of investment into OUR shared mission. A shared focus stands out as a remarkable feature to the feedback. The concise statements below, related to our family’s being and doing, reflect this unity of focus that is readily derived from these thoughtful responses.


DSCF0910Though our daughter, Victoria Grace, is not specifically mentioned in the statements below, the light shining forth from her life and legacy in our family was clearly recognized in the feedback both directly and indirectly, and we have reflected this by expressing this unity of focus through statements of “being” and “doing” – a dynamic reality at the heart of the Father’s revelation to us through her identity as His “beautiful servant.” Her life and legacy testifies to belonging to Him (being), and blessing others (doing) as only His servant can.


These two statements below reflect the concepts present in the partner feedback, with the degree of emphasis (word selection, sentence structure, etc.) reflecting the number of instances such ideas appeared. In short, “family” and “kingdom” were most prominent. We rejoice to see such confirmation of what has clearly been a part of our story and most importantly, the story of God recorded in Scripture that continues to unfold through the Church, of which OUR chapter plays a part. “Family” reflects the multidimensional references to family in the responses. Therefore, in addition to our Coté family, think the family of God, the “least of these,” and the nations as OUR family together in His mission for His glory.


Statement of Being
To be family, committed to the vision of the kingdom of God in love, integrity, faithfulness, and humility.


Statement of Doing
To follow God in His kingdom’s mission by fulfilling His purpose as family; prepared, led and enabled by the Spirit for obedient service to Jesus Christ; with a sincere heart to minister compassion and the hope of our calling to children, orphans, and families.


We echo the incredible gladness and gratitude that has blessed us through the feedback we have received, first before
the Lord for His presence that makes all of this possible, and to all those who are walking out His victory by His grace with us. In addition, there was input expressing appreciation for the ministry of Kids Alive International. Adding to our delight over the partnership that we share in the gospel of the kingdom of God, our family wholeheartedly embraces the ministry of Kids Alive in Peru and around the world as part of OUR family.

missionary group

Photo L-R: Matt Parker (KAI President), Jeff Vandermolen (VP Latin America, Juan Pablo & Marianela Garcia, Cristina & Kyle Thomas (Assistant Field Director, Peru), Kristin & Mark Coté, Emalyn, Stephanie, & Max Tapullima, Emma & Fredi Rivero, and Mike Fietje (Field Director, Peru).

Together for His glory,

Mark, Kristin, Caleb, Jacob, and Rachel Coté

Missionaries of Discipleship and Development based in Pucallpa, Peru

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