A Gift to Share – Part 3

Here are some more of our takeaways from our summer of equipping at the Center for Intercultural Training. Together may we all keep reflecting on “our-lives-as-mission:”

From the kids:

Our children had songs on their hearts throughout the summer. We would often hear them singing to themselves and sometimes together. Here are some of their favorites:

Rachel: “I’m going to go, go, go, go, go follow God. Where? Peru! Go follow God. Where? Peru! Go follow God. I’m going to go, go, go, go, go follow God today. I’ll be so happy, so very happy. I’ll follow God where He wants me to go…[to the tune of I’ve Got the Joy Down in My Heart]

Jacob especially liked singing “God Is So Good” in seven languages.

Caleb really liked singing “Siyahamba – We Are Marching in the Light of God.”

From Kristin:

  • Let the Holy Spirit use your personality for God’s glory, and develop things you can’t.
  • Don’t replace the Lord with people/social media/technology that connect back home (or with resistance to technology).
  • It’s not about us…Christ-likeness is not me-likeness
  • Thankful that God has prepared us with a willingness to move to new things, and that wherever this takes us will be home.
  • Go with humility, keeping opinions to yourselves and not trying fix things according to our ways.
  • Don’t confuse gender roles in different cultures with our view of what is biblical – be careful not to say our view is biblical when it’s just our culture.
  • Am I weak enough to be used by God? Am I willing to give God the glory instead of myself?
  • Spiritual warfare: don’t need to be afraid – need to be alert.
  • Event + lie = bondage
  • Do not pray for comforts of home…use armor to take territory (& armor is in an army) – kingdom is home.
  • Thankful for the Holy Spirit
  • Teams need spiritual focus, inward support, and an others-focused outlook.
  • Build trust on a team first.
  • In conflict: Glorify God, serve others, and seek to be like Christ.
  • Always something to learn in a conflict
  • Don’t always assume leaders/stronger personalities don’t want help.
  • Singles may have skills you need, and vice versa.
  • Followers help serve and train the leader.
  • God can accomplish more with diversity of mindstyles/personalities – need everybody on the team.

From Mark:

  • I am grateful for Jesus’ freedom flowing from His connection with the Father.
  • Too often we fill our needs with our technologies and connections to family and friends rather than sitting in the empty space and depending on God. Guard the use of technology.
  • Everyone needs an oasis. Keep it defined but flexible, and don’t broadcast it to put up walls.
  • From a national pastor: “Don’t bring theological issues from there that are not issues here.”
  • Trust is the foundation for different personalities either connecting well or blowing up.
  • If all personalities struggle with some aspect of the fruit of the Spirit, then might it be true that the Spirit will help us grow in all aspects of human personality?
  • Go in humility.
  • Go with a commitment not to offer opinions unless asked.
  • We are often at a point of break-through when we want to give up.
  • The ones who make it are flexible and teachable. Humility and teachability are the keys.
  • When we “lose” more than we gain, we are experiencing “transition deficit.” Gratitude and perspective help greatly. We react more to the losses than the changes.
  • Gratitude is a key for transition, culture shock, and cultural integration.
  • Make yourself dependent on a national in some way.
  • You have to let go of your kids.
  • I am grateful for how the children are “playing” their way through transition.
  • Seek the victory in spiritual warfare – the bringing of glory to God.
  • When we are faithful in life, fellowship, marriage, parenting, and vocationally, we are putting on the full armor of God. The “we” of spiritual warfare is essential.
  • Characteristics of Effective Teams: common purpose, clear roles, accepted leadership, effective processes, solid relationships, excellent communication, spiritual unity
  • DISC and MindStyles: … “in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” (Phil 2:3-4)
  • Consider the differences in these attitudes:
    • “I will help you” = I have the answers
    • “I will fix you” = you have problems
    • “I will serve you” = you are important…how can I serve your (toward) wholeness and success?