Archive - January 9, 2015

Our Peruvian Plunge Continues…

Our Peruvian Plunge Continues…

After traveling to the states for a special family wedding and extending our stay through Christmas, we have returned to Peru with one-way tickets to take a deeper dive into our language studies and life here in Arequipa, Peru, before moving to Pucallpa in April. The short video below captures our family at play on a Peruvian red and white water slide, which like wisdom playing before God in His creation in Proverbs 8:30-31 (where “rejoicing” can be translated “playing”), symbolizes life in the mission of God in His new creation. Thank you for joining with us in the playground of His new creation mission which has made what is broken and dying whole and new through the death and resurrection of Jesus!

DSCF2439 from Mark Cote on Vimeo.

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