2012 Victoria’s Little Lambs Fund Update

Overview of the first five years

Victoria’s Fund has been active for over three years now and it’s amazing how it has expanded. Just the fund itself being established was beyond our comprehension, and we just had to share with you what is miraculously being done, as you have been a partner with us as you’ve willingly given to help these children in Jesus’ name, and in honor of our dear Victoria. She’s quite a missionary!

The initial fund/monies were set up in the NuevaEraVillage in Pucallpa, Peru, in the Amazon jungle, to be administered by the Lamb of God church, of which Samuel Ramirez carefully oversees the funds (the pastor and grandfather of Cloe, who shares a birthday with Victoria). He keeps detailed records of the disbursements and is diligent in communicating reports to us.

The first report showed that 43 children were helped in the first quarter in 2009, ranging from 1 month to 9 years old with diarrhea, fever, cough, vomiting, infections, body aches, and bugs or parasites. In the second quarter, 38 kids were helped with diarrhea, infections, fever, bronchitis, bugs or parasites, and vomiting, with some needing to be taken to the hospital. A monthly average of 43 kids are helped with the Nueva Era portion.

In 2010, we expanded the fund with MINAP (Mission Integral Native of Peru) to support 14 missionaries in 12 communities who are going into even more remote areas to distribute medicines. The missionaries always pray with those who are sick.

In 2011, 74a monthly average of 60 kids were helped in Nueva Era. There had been a Dengue epidemic that swept the settlement, causing fever, body and headaches, and requiring hospitalization for many children and adults in the area.

In April 2011, we were also able to help Cloe’s little brother, also named Samuel, with medical aid for typhoid.

Also in April 2011, the fund expanded to Ethiopia, as Mark’s father, sister Rebecca and her husband Nate traveled there to adopt two children. A couple from Lancaster, PA, Jerry & Christy Shannon, run a daycare there for very poor children so that their mothers (all single moms) can work. They care for about 60 kids, all of whom need treatment to fight off things that are simple in the U.S., but could be life-threatening there.

In May 2012, we also sent additional funds to MINAP to be used for emergencies related to snake and spider bites, which is a special need in the remote villages.

Two things on the horizon are expanding funds in the remote mountains of northwestern Mexico in a Huichol village, through an indigenous pastor, Domingo, that our church, Zion Church of Millersville, has supported for several years. Also, we are praying that the logistics work out to aid a young Peruvian woman, Tiffany, with scholarship to send her to medical school, as her desire is to be a medical missionary to children. God led us to her on our 2011 Peru trip. We would love to send out a trained doctor to administer medicines in any part of the world the Lord would lead her.

We are touched by your thoughtfulness and care whenever a donation is received, as they continue to, and we are able to facilitate help when we’re aware of a need. We never, ever could have imagined a memorial fund expanding to this magnitude, when we would have been grateful for even “one or two children in Mexico or Peru to be helped with a medical need” (from Victoria’s obituary), when it’s probably been at least 2000 instances and counting! Please pray for the children and missionaries as this God adventure is just beginning!