Pray With Us

Please join us in prayer for the following:
  • Wisdom for Pastor Cesar who administers the process of getting medicines for children in the Pucallpa region of Peru
  • Prayer for Tiffany Nuñez – ongoing education in medical school in Bolivia, wisdom and strength for her leadership as director of a children’s ministry (called “Josias”) through her church to the surrounding community
  • “Josias” is a children’s ministry in Bolivia (Tiffany Nuñez is the Director) under GLOW (Go Light Our World), and one of the founders, Bryan, recently passed away. Please pray for Bryan’s family and the ministry – that God would comfort them and guide them through this.
  • For the strength and health of houseparents, caregivers, and staff that are serving children in Kids Alive’s children homes
  • For the health of the children and strength for the staff in Embracing Hope Ethiopia and the Judah Quy Home for Precious Little Ones in Bolivia

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