Pray For Us

Please pray for our family:
  • For the renewal of our visas in Peru a couple months early in light of our extended travel outside of the country. We have one more day for the approval to be granted before we leave…this Monday.
  • Praise for our trip to the Kids Alive site in the Andean mountain city of Andahuaylas. Your prayers for health were very much appreciated, as we faced a few challenges while there. One person had to go to the local clinic for dehydration, and Caleb had one very rough night that included stomach problems and hardly slept at all, which means neither did we. We spent a lot of time praying that first night.
  • For our health and overall security in the midst of much travel and changing environments during the second-half of 2017.
  • For our home assignment to be restful in the midst of much activity and work. We have been poured out, and we trust God for a time of renewal.
  • For all the logistics of travel, many meetings, and opportunities to share about our increasing hope from what we have seen and experienced. May God open doors and give us the strength to obey Him in encouraging others and being encouraged.
  • For our children as they attend school at Lancaster County Christian School this fall. They continue to handle transitions well, by God’s grace, and we depend on Him for this season as well.
  • For 2017, we have each expressed our focus as follows:
    • Mark: His ways (being), paths (doing), and His truth (integration of it all).
    • Kristin: A spirit of humility.
    • Caleb: I hope that we as a family will follow God more closely in reflection, and that we will learn more about God’s truth.
    • Jacob: Reading the Bible and praying to God and being respectful to Mommy and Daddy and learning more  Spanish.
    • Rachel: To have a good time in school; to have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.




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