Nueva Era

A Shipibo village in Peru

In 2008, several months after Victoria had died, Mark went on a mission trip to Pucallpa, Peru, and visited the Shipibo Indian settlement of Nueva Era. Shipibos had come out of the deep jungle and formed this community. In the first two years, five children had died due to preventable diseases. Through Samuel Ramirez, Pastor of the Lamb of God Church, Victoria’s Fund began to provide simple medicines to the children in the village–thus, Victoria’s Little Lambs Fund was born. A special connection was also formed with Pastor Samuel’s granddaughter, Cloe, who was born the same day as Victoria. She herself was ill. Today she is 6-years-old and is doing well. When the Cote family we visited the church in 2010, they asked all the children that had been helped to raise their hands, and about 50 hands went up and they cheered (see picture at the top of this page).  In the first five years of the fund’s operation, at least 2000 instances occurred of children receiving medicine!

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