Judah Quy – Bolivia

Home for Precious Little Ones

Through a friend, Mark and Kristin learned of another work in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, started by Paul and Kristin Hoffman. It is called “Judah Quy, Home for Precious Little Ones.” It is named after Kristin’s nephew, who was born on October 24, 2008, at 28 weeks. Kristin describes how his parents, Todd and Ana, “received  him with great hope and love him well, and then had to release him to God. They named him Judah which means praise, and Quy (pronounced kwee) which in Vietnamese means precious. His name means Precious Praise…” The home cares for infants with severe medical needs. These babies would be in a NICU if they were in the states. Their families have either abandoned them or do not have the means to take care of them. As they are nursed back to health, they are either returned to their families, or are adopted. After Mark and Kristin connected with Paul and Kristin in 2013, Victoria’s Fund now supports this work as well. For more information, go to www.judahquy.org.

We remember with humility and gratitude the lives of Emily, Percy, and Jackie, three children who passed away in the the past couple years from the Judah Quy Home for Precious Little Ones. Please remember those serving at the home who loved these children in person and now grieve their loss even as they rejoice in their healing with the Lord. Please also keep this work in prayer as they address staffing needs at the home.

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