Guadalupe Ocotan – Mexico

Children waiting in line for medicines

In 2013, Victoria’s Fund was expanded to Guadalupe Ocotan, a remote Huichol village in the mountains of west central Mexico. Pastor Domingo, a Huichol missionary who planted the church in this his home village, established the ministry of Victoria’s Fund there. The medicines have been a tool for the church to share the gospel. At one point the community threatened to drive Domingo out for fear of losing their Huichol heritage with the spread of the gospel there, but he was able to demonstrate how he helped the children and desired to preserve what was good about their Huichol culture in the kingdom of God. Sadly, Domingo died very unexpectedly in March of 2015. The ministry of Victoria’s Fund remains with the Huichol church that he planted, where his family still serves…

Domingo De La Cruz

DomingoOn March 23, 2015, Steven Shepard from Church Planting International shared this sad news:

“Today our beloved co-worker and friend Domingo De La Cruz went to be with Jesus. Domingo served for over 15 years as a church planter in a remote Huichol village in the mountains of west central Mexico. Domingo possessed a deep humility, a kind heart, and a great love for the Huichol people and for Jesus. He was 38 years old. Domingo is survived by his wife Asucena, his daughter Paloma, and his son Isaac. His passing was most unexpected. Your prayers are very much 12 Paloma, Isaac, Suzi, y Domingoappreciated for the family and for the church in Domingo’s village. If anyone desires to give a gift to help the family during this difficult time, you may do so through Church Planting International.”

Domingo was instrumental in establishing Victoria’s Fund in his home mountain village in Mexico, and his faithfulness is something we have been privileged to partner with through the years. Now we trust God’s faithfulness will continue through Domingo’s family and church as they are comforted with the hope that we share in Jesus.


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