Adam Orlich Memorial

In February of 2014, Joshua and Alicia Orlich received the exciting news that they would be having twins.  At their 12-weeks ultrasound they were told they were having twin boys!  It didn’t take long for their names to be chosen:  Adam Harris Orlich & Austin Haddon Orlich.

At their 15 week ultrasound, they discovered that Adam had a complete bladder obstruction.  Among other difficulties, he would not have enough amniotic fluid throughout the pregnancy to be able to sustain life on his own after birth.  His lungs were not expected to function once outside of the womb.

Adam and Austin

Adam and Austin were born on August 4, 2014 at 31 weeks.  Adam lived for a little over one hour in his parent’s arms, while Austin was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to be cared for.  Their parents prayed throughout the pregnancy that God would be glorified through Adam’s life and that their hearts and attitudes would reflect God’s love to everyone around them.

Adam 1

Adam’s life is now bringing glory to God in His presence while serving on earth as a testimony of His love. Through partnering with Victoria’s Little Lambs Fund, Adam’s family desires to see his life help other children who are sick. In this hope of God’s love, gifts are now being received by Victoria’s Fund in memory of Adam. Simply designate your donation for the Adam Orlich Memorial of Victoria’s Fund. All donations can be sent to Zion Church of Millersville, 317 N. George St., Millersville, PA 17551. Please note your designation in the memo of the check.

Please keep Joshua and Alicia in prayer as they welcome Austin and grieve the loss of Adam. All are invited to follow them on their blog.



IMG_3844On our stateside southbound journey leading up to our departure from Miami for Peru in early September, 2014, our family had the honor of meeting Joshua and Alicia Orlich, the parents of Adam Orlich, who passed through his earthly life on the day of August 4, 2014. We shared a special time together in their home state of Georgia. Please continue to hold the Orlich family in prayer in their loss and join with them in the resurrection hope that we share in Christ Jesus. We rejoice that Adam’s life is joined with Victoria’s in belonging to God and being a blessing to “the least of these.”