About Us

Mark and Kristin Coté were both born and raised in Pennsylvania. They met at Zion Church of Millersville, PA, where Mark has served as a pastor alongside his dad, and remains a missionary pastor. He has also served as a high school bible teacher and head of school at Lancaster County Christian School. As a family, the Cotés, with their children Caleb, Jacob, and Rachel, traveled to Peru three times between 2010 and 2013. During one of Mark’s trips in 2008, a children’s medical fund began in Pucallpa, Peru, in honor of their daughter, Victoria Grace, who is with the Lord. Her life and legacy as a testimony of God’s victory by His grace has significantly shaped their family’s being and doing (www.victoriasfund.com).

Mark completed his Doctor of Ministry in 2014 at Regent University, VA. He published his research, identifying elements that constitute missional families and how to effectively mobilize them, in his book, Think Kingdom-Be Family (www.victoriasfund.com/resources). With a vision for living as a redemptive family focused on the mission of the kingdom of God, the Cotés serve with Kids Alive as Missionaries for Discipleship and Development based in Pucallpa, Peru. They are humbled and grateful for all that they have received through Mark’s background as a pastor, teacher, administrator, leader, and coach, and Kristin’s experience in business, marketing, and development, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Millersville University, PA. As a doctor of the church, Mark desires with Kristin and their children to be a healthy presence faithfully serving children and their families by equipping leaders of the “least of these” (seen as “royalty” in the kingdom of God), for His glory.

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